Platform Options

To Best Meet the Needs of Your Staff and Your Students

Whether our easy-to-use Calvert Teaching Navigator platform or integration into your Learning Management System, Calvert offers platform options for our institutional partners.

The Calvert Teaching Navigator

Our easy-to-use online platform is designed to facilitate the teaching and learning of our curriculum in the virtual environment.

Teachers can track progress, performance, and pacing through a helpful, easy-to-use dashboard in real time, providing maximum flexibility for moving through the Calvert curriculum.

The platform will also give you and your teachers the ability to measure student engagement time to meet your district attendance requirements.

With the Calvert Teaching Navigator you and your teachers can:

  • Gain Insight into student progress, pacing, and assessment results through reporting
  • Track Information at a class or student level
  • Take Action with custom messages
  • Get Support from Calvert’s online resources, educational counselors, and technical services
  • Access Anywhere from a computer or tablet

Calvert's Teaching Navigator Learning Management System Dashboards

Integration Into Your Learning Management System

For our partners who use their own Learning Management System, Calvert curriculum can be integrated with other popular technology platforms.

Here is an example of the Calvert curriculum integrated into a partner’s Agilix Buzz platform. Ask us if we can integrate our curriculum into yours.